Sales Training Module

Designed outline sales training module for a leading UK Food Manufacturer 

(Associate - Uspire Ltd)

Client Engagement Workshop

Bespoke workshop created for the Senior Commercial Leadership team on Client Engagement, Stakeholder Mapping, Contact Strategy Segmentation, Networking strategy and Skills development.

(Client: Catalina Marketing UK)

"Huma delivers a wonderful customer engagement workshop for my team providing sound advice and best practice methods which my team are now making full use of. She is passionate about sales and understands what it takes to create a strong customer partnership" - General Manager UK 

Some Participant Feedback (anonymised):

"Great to see how we need to take what we have now to where we need to be"

"Great structure & flow, being conversational kept the workshop really engaging"

"Very informative, I will certainly be using the tools shared"

Behaviour Change Workshop

Created Psychological framework for 21st Century Human workshop.

(Senior Associate - Leading Edge Forum)

Sales Strategy

Developing the Sales Strategy, Sales Reporting function and Business Planning processes for award-winning consultancy Hoxby.

(Head of Sales, Associate - Hoxby)

Selling Skills for Psychologists

This course was designed to help those new to selling or for anyone wanting to learn the foundations for winning clients and growing sales in a sustainable way.

(Client: Association of Business Psychology)

Participant Feedback:

"Thank you Huma Khan for your insightful ABP webinar this afternoon on "Selling Skills for Psychologists: How to win a client in your first meeting". It was really interesting and has my cogs turning on the areas we can all develop on and learn about, such as the 3 questions a pitch should answer (my homework is to explore the "why now?"!), the 3 skills to win new clients and I appreciate having the valuable pitch framework too. If the webinar is held again, I encourage other practitioners to check in!" - Leyla Hayes-Wright - Virtual Psychology Assistant  



Career Coaching

"I don’t usually like being coached, I tend to find some of the questions a bit patronising even if that’s not the intention so, when I found out Huma became a coach I knew she’d be the perfect person to help me with my career goals and return to work after MAT leave, not only because I already know and trust her but, also because she understands Sales and Psychology.  I had signed up for an intensive first session where we went through the outcome of my 15FQ+ personality assessment followed by some career and personal goals setting and coaching. The reports are quite technical but, Huma explained them in a really easy way and I also really liked the way she asked me questions. It wasn’t until the following day when a situation arose that made me reflect on what we’d discussed, adopt the different approach and see it actually work, that I appreciated the true value of our session. I think Huma’s style and skills are going to make her a highly sought after coach!" 

Talwinder Sagoo Sheikh - Luxury Retail Sales Manager